Stand Out With inOvationTV from Wayne
The keys to winning customer loyalty are a unique experience, added value, and ultimate convenience. inOvationTVSM differentiates you from the competition and improves customer experience through innovation, information and entertainment.
Enhance Customer Experience
Differentiate your site and make yours the superior fueling experience for your customers with the information and entertainment available through inOvationTV from Wayne. The inOvationTV program comes standard with Wayne’s industry-leading media equipment, full system installation, maintenance, six years of technical support, and Gas Station TV’s (GSTV) world-class content, programming, retailer marketing, production and programming services and solutions.
Inform and Entertain
Offer a great customer experience and captivating media content with programming that includes ESPN sports, HLN news and entertainment, Bloomberg TV business and financial updates, AccuWeather local weather reports, GSTV’s original social media television show, “Your Neighborhood,” and Retail Promotional Announcements (RPAs) created to promote deals and specials on-site. The enhanced experience builds customer loyalty and brings them back time and again.
Boost Sales and Upgrade at No Cost
Enhanced media at the pump has proven to drive customer loyalty. Studies show an increase of in-store traffic by up to 7%, and a corresponding rise in the sale of impulse items—like windshield washer fluid, candy and car washes—by up to 78%. And with easy, hassle-free installation at no additional cost to you, the price is right to make the change to become a media-capable site.
For more information on how to increase traffic and sales with inOvationTV, go to to learn more.


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