iX Pay™ Secure Payment—Secure, Flexible, and Future-proof
Delivering the latest payment technology, iron-clad security, and a flexible-option, easily updated system, Wayne’s iX Pay™ Secure Payment solution is all you need to protect your customers from fraud and remain EMV compliant through 2020 — and beyond.

Better Security
A pioneer in fuel dispenser security, Wayne introduces the iX Pay Secure platform, which protects sensitive customer data and retailer investments, delivering one of the most secure and technologically advanced payment platforms available.



  • Slash long-term costs with Wayne’s industry-leading payment security solution, and reduce the risk of losing sensitive payment card data with iX Pay’s advanced technology.
  • Wayne’s EMV-ready payment system is PCI-approved through 2020, which means you won’t have to continue re-investing to upgrade your system
  • Wayne engineered the iX Pay Secure system to be fully upgradeable to future standards.


Move up to the EMV leader.
When it comes to payment-card standards, Wayne is always thinking ahead – and taking steps to make it easier for retailers to adapt to change.

  • Compliant with global EMV regulations, iX Pay™ secure payment has consistently been the first to deliver the highest levels of payment security available worldwide.
  • EMV chip technology has proven effective for retailers to prevent someone possessing a lost or stolen credit card from fraudulent use of the card.
  •  As fraud protection becomes more complex, reducing the vulnerability of pay-at-the-pump terminals is an industry priority.

Flexibility — to Meet Your Needs
Simply put, iX Pay™ helps improve security. You get advanced security, in addition to investment-protecting flexibility and scalability.

  • Wayne’s iX Pay Secure Payment system’s innovative design expands easily to meet evolving regulations, making staying current with security and payment rules easy.
  • And the upgrade won’t break the bank, either: all you need to do is swap out your card reader and update your software, rather than replace your entire payment terminal.

The Wayne iX Pay Secure system is also compatible with earlier Wayne models and some third-party terminals, making it a great solution for moving forward.
For more information on Wayne’s iX Pay Secure Payment System, visit wayne.com.

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