Here is what Performance Fueling Specialists can do for you:

• Provide Service of Fuel Dispensers, POS Systems, Tank Monitoring Equipment, Standby Generators and Back Room Software
• Fixed Cost Service Program for POS Systems, Dispensers, CAT’s, Tanks, Submersible Pumps and Tank Monitoring Systems
• PCI Compliance Upgrades
• Preventative Maintenance Programs for Hoses, Nozzles, Breakaways and Filters
• Annual Site Specific Compliance Review Programs
• Tank Cleaning / Water Removal Services
• Fixed Cost Lighting Service Program
• Dispenser Calibration
• Precision UST Testing
• Precision Product Line, Mechanical Line Leak Detector and Impact Valve Testing
• Emergency Generator Tank and Line Testing
• Cathodic Protection Testing, Repair and Installation
• Tank and Dispenser Sump Testing
• Insurance Claims, Storm Damage Repairs, and Accident Repairs

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